QCFM has implemented in vehicle camera systems (IVCS/DriveCam) which is a GPS system that tracks all the QCFM fleet and allows for driver monitoring. IVCS will automaticly start recording in the event of dangerous situation and will alert back to head quarters of an event occurring in real time.


This technology-based program that provides a 12-second video clip with audio, anytime a vehicle is in a high-risk situation or involved in unusual motion.

Benefits include:

  • Identify risky driving behavior immediately and provide evidence of this for training
  • Provide comprehensive information on accidents, cause and thus responsibility
  • Future accident prevention through guaranteed driver risk reduction


Proven benefits

  • Major fleet operators return year-after-year because the program has been proven to deliver significant monetary and indirect benefits.
  • Fleets using this solution realise millions of dollars in savings when they:
    • Prevent collisions – Fleet operators see collision cost reductions of up to 80% in Property & Auto Liability and Workers Compensation claims.
    • Prevent fraudulent claims – exception-based video captures indisputable evidence when an event occurs, protecting drivers and fleets from fraudulent or other errant claims.
    • Prevent fuel waste – Typical reduction of up to 12% through the management of efficient driving, excessive idling and speeding.