Keeping your business up to speed

With reliable prime movers equipment with state of the art technology monitoring and tracking solutions your business is in capable and secure hands for all your cold freight delivery needs.

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QCFM is your reliable and safe choice of cold freight services. All prime movers are equipped with live monitoring systems that allow for constant monitoring of temperature of produce stored, vehicle GPS locations and driver remote footage for that specialized touch of ensuring your cargo is well protected and on its way for on time delivery.

QCFM vehicle fleet are all maintained by Volvo and are under maintenance schedules to ensure they are running at there optimum and reduce any risk of breakdowns. Our vehicles are also maintained in other areas such as Tyre management and regular fridge motor calibration.

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High Standard of Quality Prime Movers

QCFM only utilizes high quality volvo Prime movers that are under strict maintenance programs to ensure optimum performance 24×7 365days a year.

Friendly Support Staff

QCFM staff are helpful and friendly and happy to answer all queries from administration questions to live vehicle report tracking information.

Ontime Deliveries

With the aid of real time tracking QCFM strives for on time delivery’s with the ability to keep both you and your client informed at all times.

All year long deliveries

QCFM fleet of prime movers delivery goods across Australia 365 days a year and 24×7. We don’t stop delivering.